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Boeing 747-400 Cathay Pacific. An early afternoon arrival to runway 24R, Los Angeles.

Boeing 747-400 Qantas, Departing LAX

Airbus 340-600, China Eastern, "China Eastern Stetch"
Boeing 747-400, EVA Air - On approach to runway 24R, Los Angeles, CA
Boeing 747-400 Air China, DREAMLINER 
Boeing 747-400, Air New Zealand just inches above runway 24R at Los Angeles Int'l Airport
Boeing 747-400 Quantas, Climbing away from 25R to Sydney.
Boeing 747-400, EVA Air Cargo, Heavy departure off 25R, Los Angeles, CA 
Airbus 340-300, Air Thaiti Nui on final for 24R, Los Angeles

 Boeing 747 SR(SCA)- Shuttle Carrier, Edwards AFB, Southern California
Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10(F). FedEx Outbound from runway 25R.
Boeing 747-400 Air New Zealand. One goes while the other is on its downwind leg. Los Angeles.
Aerospatiale AS-350B Ecureuil, LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department over Hollywood Hills. 
Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde 102 British Airways, On a barge at Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. New York.

Boeing 777 American Airliners
Boeing 747-400, Singapore Airliners beginning another trans-pacific flight.
Airbus 340-300 Lufthansa flight from Munich.  Over the 405 Freeway, Los Angeles.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 VARIG, Brasilian Airlines. 
Boeing 777-300ER,  ANA - All Nippon Airlines in Star Alliance logo.
Boeing 747-400, Air China and Boeing 777-200ER American Airliners, Los Angeles.
Boeing 707-138B John Travolta's Boeing 707 parked at LAX.
Airbus 340-300 Singapore Airliners over Sepluveda Blvd. Los Angeles
Boeing 747-400, Singapore Airliners. Leaving Rwy 25R, Los Angeles, CA
Boeing 747-400 United Airliners 
Boeing 767-300ER Hawaiian Airliners.
Airbus 320-200, JetBlue flight 292 BUR-JFK makes its emergency landing at LAX.

JetBlue. The front gear was turned perpendicular to the runway causing the sparks and smoke. 
Boeing 747-400 JAL - Japan Airlines 
Airbus 319 British Airways, Just minutes after take off from Warsaw Poland, on the way to London Heathrow

B-2 Edwards Air Force Base, CA

Edwards AFB

Edwards AFB

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